Thursday, January 21, 2010

First Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Twin B lost his first tooth yesterday! He was so excited to see what the tooth fairy would leave him. Twin A got a little mopey about NOT having a loose tooth yet. I know Twin B had the tooth (wrapped in a little bit of plastic wrap) in his pocket when we got home, but he somehow managed to lose it before bedtime. I assured him the tooth fairy would still visit. This morning I could hear his shrieks of delight as he screamed at his brother that the tooth fairy left him a dollar! He'll probably take to busting his teeth out with a hammer now. The tooth fairy is going to have to stock up on dollar bills with two sets of teeth on their way out!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Being in Love

Last night when I was putting the boys to bed Twin A asked me if I was in love with daddy. I told him that I wasn't in love with him anymore, but that I used to be in love with daddy. I was trying to prepare myself for the whole "how come you and daddy aren't married" conversation. That wasn't what he was getting at at all! He asked me who I was in love with, and I told him I wasn't in love with anyone but him and his brother. He asked me if I have a boyfriend, and I told him that I didn't have a boyfriend right now. He then tells me I need to get a boyfriend. I ask him why and he says...SO YOU CAN HAVE ANOTHER BABY! I guess every kid wants a little brother or sister at some point, and Twin A is ready for me to have a baby. Sorry two are it!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

@ the Doctor's Office

Yesterday was a snow day for the kids. It snowed a tiny bit overnight so the schools were closed. The roads were fine, so I decided to go get an overdue allergy shot. Of course the boys are talking too loudly in the waiting room but were otherwise pretty good. Twin A says he needs to use the restroom so I point it out to him. After he goes in I tell him to shut the door, but he doesn't hear me so I get up and shut the door. When he comes out he asks me if I shut the door. I tell him I did because we shouldn't use the bathroom with the door open. He looks at me and says "Mommy, I just pulled my penis out!" There were a few people in the waiting room and I thought this one guy was going to fall out of his chair from laughing. I can't help but laugh too. I didn't bother to tell him that was the whole reason I wanted him to shut the door in the first place! I'm looking forward to the days the guys get some modesty...or does that ever happen to the male species?!?