Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to School

The boys had a fabulous time at summer camp this summer. They went to an outdoor day camp at a lake. They went swimming every day and did crafts, paddle boating, hiking, football...all kinds of stuff. The last day of camp was about a week and a half before school started. My mom kept them for me last week, and I took off work Monday through Wednesday this week to be with them. We had so much fun. We went to the pool every day, busted out the sidewalk chalk, took a walk on the one day it wasn't a million degrees outside, and just generally lazed around having a good time. We were supposed to take a vacation this summer, but I broke my ankle in May. I'm finally walking again, but I just wasn't getting around well enough to take them on a vacation. They took it pretty well. I'm sure we'll find somewhere to go for Spring Break or next summer.
Yesterday was the first day of school. The boys are doing Round 2 of Kindergarten. They were surprisingly not upset about it. I was a little worried about that. I know they need this socially and academically. They both seemed to have a good first day. I hope school will go much smoother this year for them. They had a really tough time last year.
I also have a funny story for your Friday! A while back we were in the car going somewhere and I looked in the rear view mirror to see Twin B licking his armpit! Yes, you read that right...he was licking his armpit. I told him he shouldn't do that because it gets sweaty and dirty and nasty and it's just gross!!! A few days later we were in the car again and Twin B sniffs then says "Whew! For a second it smelled like armpit in here!" Twin A promptly fires back with "And that's why you shouldn't lick your armpit!"
So, did you guys have a fun summer? Got the kiddos back in school? Frankly, I'm glad to be back in the routine!


Robin said...

Yay! Nice to have you back! The twins look so adorable! (If only they didn't smell like armpit.)

I'm dreading the start of school. It's nothing but painful for Altman boys. It's nag, procrastinate, nag, procrastinate, yell, do a little something, nag, procrastinate. I hate it!

Natasha Fondren said...

Hah! That's hilarious! Maybe if they licked their armpits more, it wouldn't smell! :D

I'm glad your foot is getting better! That sucks!