Friday, August 27, 2010


The boys started Taekwondo in March or April. They love it! The place they take lessons was having a sale of 15% off all gear in July, so I went ahead and got all of their sparring gear. Yesterday on the way to class they were complaining that all they ever got to wear was the hand and foot gear. I told them that wouldn't always be the case. Lo and behold, we got to class yesterday and they were told to put on all of their sparring gear. They couldn't have been more excited! I think the parents had more fun watching these little kids spar than the kids had actually sparring. I must say it looked a lot more like brawling to me, but they at least bowed to each other and shook hands before and after. On the plus side, the boys were extra worn out after last night's lesson! I had no trouble at all getting them to go to bed!
We're finally starting to have cooler temps here, so I'm hoping we can do something outside this weekend. I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Desiree said...

They are so cute. You'll always be protected now, LOL!

Robin said...

They are too cute! This is embarrassing, but I took Taekwondo and quit when they started sparring because I was sparring with men and it hurt! I kept saying, "Ow!" when they hit me. That's not very macho of me.

Natasha Fondren said...

ADORABLE! I loved Taekwondo. It was the funnest ever! Wish I hadn't hurt my foot.