Friday, October 17, 2008

The Beds!!!

Well, the pictures suck, but here are the beds...FINALLY! My dad ended up getting new rails since the ones I paid big bucks for didn't work. At least one of them is unopened and can be sent back. The first one is Twin A's bed and the 2nd is Twin B's. I'm just so glad they don't have box springs and mattresses on the floor anymore. They really like their new "taller" beds anyway because now they can crawl under them. They'll probably spend more time under them than on them LOL!


Robin said...

OK. I object. The twins have nicer beds than mine. What the dealio?

conley730 said...

Don't worry...the niceness probably won't last long! I spent a LOT of money on the cribs, so I want the damn things to last forever!