Monday, October 6, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

I've had a lot going on at work for the past few months. A coworker has been going through a really bitter divorce and she just basically fell apart. She hasn't been able to do her job so that's left me and one other person to pick up all the slack. She went through a series of disciplinary actions and was eventually fired last week. It was really stressful. I was getting physically sick at my stomach and getting stress headaches every day. I really hate that with everything else going on in her life she lost her job. I truly hope she can make a fresh start and end up much better off than she was.

Things have been busy with the boys too. Pre-K has been a lot of fun. I love hearing about their days and what they did and who their new friends are. I'm having mattresses delivered tonight for their "big boy" beds. I'm so excited and so are they. Now, if I can just keep them from jumping on the bed LOL!

Sorry to everyone out there whose blogs I haven't commented on. I've kind of let everything go by the wayside since all the work stuff started happening. I'm just too drained by the time I get out of here to do much of anything. Hopefully things will be better for my mental health as well now! I'm going to try to start posting and commenting more. I miss my bloggin' buddies!


Alyse said...

We miss you to Erin!!! Im sorry things have been so stressful for you. Hang in there and I Hope things at work start getting better for you. :D Hug the boy for me, and im glad to hear that they are doing so well in Pre K. :D

Robin said...

Yay! You're back! I missed you! I wanted to know how the boys were liking school! Didn't Twin A cry at first? Is he fine with it now? It's like a little twin TV show, with no pictures.

Sorry about the coworker. I had something similar happen to me this year and I found it to be really stressful. I felt so sorry for my friend. I even tried to intervene, and that was a total nightmare. As my husband is wont to say: nothing is punished as quickly as a good deed. What a cynic.

conley730 said...

He's right, good deed goes unpunished. It was Twin B that cried for about the first 2 weeks, but he's fine now except for an incident last week where he tried to stomp on the class gerbil...maybe I need to bring him to you for some professional help!

Robin said...

Ewwww. Gerbils. I think he should be commended.

Erica Orloff said...

Welcome back!