Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fun with Markers

Sunday morning the kids got up REALLY early, so I let them come to my room to watch cartoons. Well, I fell back to sleep. I was in and out of sleep when all of a sudden I hear Twin A say "I don't think I want to mark on my peenie"! What?!? I was instantly out of bed to assess the situation. Both boys were completely naked and Twin B had permanent black marker all over his forehead, his cheeks, a small part of his chest, the bottoms of his feet, and yes, his "peenie"! What to do??? I immediately put both of them in the bath and scrubbed as hard as I could. I got most of the marker off his face and decided clothes would cover the rest and it could just naturally wear away! The other marker problem? It's also in 3 large places on my beige carpet. So far I have succeeded in smearing it by trying to clean it with Oxy. I am still trying 2 days later to clean these spots. A friend of mine told me the first mistake I made was using Oxy in the first place, but since I'd already used it to just keep with it. I'm making a mental note to get rid of ALL permanent markers in the house. I have some of those great Crayola ones that only mark on the special Crayola paper. I'm so greatful for those now. So, does anyone have any great advice for getting permanent marker out of carpet or kids???


spyscribbler said...

What's wrong with Oxiclean? I thought that was the best stuff!

conley730 said...

I thought so too, but I have a friend that works at a flooring store and she says you should never put Oxy on your carpet. Even if it looks like it cleans initially, it will attract dirt and end up more stained in the end. She's supposed to be sending me this miracle stuff. I hope it works! *keeps fingers crossed*

Desiree said...

I'm sorry but If my jaw was not swollen shut I would be laughing hard enough for you to hear me in your office. You might just hear me anyways.