Monday, February 25, 2008

New Career Path?

On the way home from work & school today, we saw a school bus. Twin A said he would ride in one some day. He said he wanted me to ride with him, but I told him I didn't ride in the school bus. He suggested that I should become a school bus driver. So, have your kids, friends or a misguided guidance counselor offered you any interesting career advice?


spyscribbler said...

Hah! That's funny. I've been listening to the Stephanie Plum series, and you reminded me of Sally Sweet driving the school bus.

Other than that, no one cares. I have a few students who want me to write a method book, or a book on piano teaching. And my mother really wants me to be a secretary.

conley730 said...

I love the Plum Series! I never really had anyone tell me what kind of work I should do either...just that one comment yesterday!

Desiree said...

You should look into school bus driving then you could talk into the radio and sit on books to see over the wheel and everything. OHHH and you can learn how to see out the back of your head and yell at kids. How fun would that be?