Thursday, February 7, 2008


So the new season of Survivor started tonight. I'm so glad Johnny Fairplay was the first to go!!! I am still very much in lust with Ozzy and James. I'm glad Yau-Man found the idol again - and busted Fairplay's head to get it! I'm not too sure about crazy lady Kathy from the Airai tribe that found the idol. She seems a little too eager and has a foot in mouth problem! I do like Joel (?), the firefighter from the Malakal tribe. He seems like he might give James a run for his money! Speaking of Ozzy...did anyone else notice his "treasure trail"??? I wouldn't mind finding out what's buried there!!! And kudos to Yau Man for starting a fire with his glasses. The faves tribe seemed really put together when it came to building their shelther and getting food and water. I guess they really were too over confident to win that challenge. And what about these love matches between Parvati & James and Amanda & Ozzy??? They better keep their hands off! They're my men!!!

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Desiree said...

MAN, you just told me everything. No more survivor for you!!!!! Just kidding. I am still going to watch it. How else can I stare at ozzy and james without looking weird.