Thursday, August 7, 2008

Random Stuff

First and foremost, we had an absolutely wonderful time at the Backyardigans Live!!! We were on the 2nd row and the kids were just mesmerized.

I have found a creative use for bandaids. I'm sure I'm not the first one, but I felt rather superior when I discovered it. The post office tried to deliver a piece of mail yesterday and left one of those slips behind. I called to arrange for redelivery so I wouldn't have to drive out and pick it up. So I filled out the slip and signed it in all the appropriate places. Then I couldn't find any tape to stick it to the door. That's when I spied a bandaid. Twin B wanted to know if I was hurt. He didn't understand why I was using a bandaid as tape. I guess necessity really is the mother of invention!

I have started giving the dog ultimatums (or is that ultimata?). Geez Louise. I guess I'm so used to dealing with my kids by saying if you don't do so and so by the time I count to three then you don't get dessert or you have to go to time out, etc.! Last night Sophie kept trying to play with some little stuffed Backyardigans beanie babies we got at the show. After about the fourth or fifth time I got onto her, I said if you don't quit chewing on them, you're going to have to leave the room. I must have had the same look on my face as everyone else did in the room. I could hardly believe it even as it was coming out of my mouth. Since when do dogs (or kids for that matter) actually understand what we're saying to them?!? Of course she blew me off just like the kids usually do!

The boys got CDs as a party favor at a birthday party a few weeks ago. It's mostly children's music. There is one song on there by Jack Johnson called Banana Pancakes. Twin A LOVES that song. He's always telling me to put on the banana song. Twin B wanted to know who that guy singing was, so I told him that his name was Jack Johnson. The song got to the part about banana pancakes, and Twin B starts cracking up. He said "Jack's Johnson just said banana pan-a-cakes"! Once again I was struggling to keep the car on the road!!!


spyscribbler said...

You are hilarious! Trying to be reasonable with a dog! That's funny.

And very cute about Jack Johnson. :-) I just discovered him! I'm going to buy a couple songs soon.

Robin said...

I love the name "Backyardigans"! I'm going to check them out for my niece and nephew.
If it's any comfort, my dogs never listen to me either. They do listen to AOL, though. When they here "Goodbye!", the sign-off, they jump off the bed and go to the door because they know it's time to go poopie.