Friday, December 19, 2008

Broken Hip

My ex-husband called me yesterday morning to tell me that he'd fallen at work and had either broken or dislocated his hip. After getting to the hospital and having multiple x-rays and a CT scan, they determined that it was indeed broken. He lives about an hour away from here. His mom and stepdad went to the hospital as soon as they could after it happened. They stayed until about 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon. They scheduled surgery for his hip for about 4:30 or 5:00 yesterday afternoon. His mom and stepdad had to go to his apartment and get his 2 dogs and bring them back here to the vet to board them. I guess after that, they didn't think they needed to go back. Maybe it's just me, but if either of my sons was having surgery, I'd be there waiting when he got out to make sure everything went okay. Since neither his mom nor his dad saw fit to be there, I arranged for my mom to pick my kids up from daycare and drove there when I got off work. It was really foggy and drizzly last night and I'm not the best night driver in the world anyway. I did make it there though. I just couldn't let him come out of surgery to an empty room. No one should have to be alone after surgery! He was really glad to see me when he got back to his room. I could see him lift his head up when they were bringing him back in and saw a visible sigh of relief when he saw I was there. He's probably going to be in the hospital at least through the weekend, and he'll more than likely still be in rehab on Christmas Day. What a way to spend Christmas. The boys are pretty worried about him too. They want to go see him. We'll either go see him tonight or tomorrow. I'm a little afraid that they'll hurt him accidentally just trying to hug him or touch him. I'll just have to drill into them that they have to be VERY careful with Daddy. His mom and stepdad are supposed to be going to Washington to spend Christmas with their other son and granddaughters. Again, maybe it's just me, but if I had a son in the hospital or rehab, I would cancel the trip and be there for him! Sorry for the rambling post...just had to get it all out!


Kelley said...

I agree, I would be right there. I am proud of you for being there for him! That is a wonderful thing for your boys to see.

I hope his recovery isn't too difficult or painful.

Robin said...

Erin, you are soooooo nice! It is a great example for the boys. His parents are meanies.

conley730 said...

He seems to be recovering very well. He was up and walking today. Apparently he's healing faster than they thought he would. So far he hasn't been in a lot of pain except for the excrutiating pain he experienced after the break and before the pain meds!

spyscribbler said...

Erin, you are wonderful to do that! Both your ex and your sons are lucky to have you. :-)

And, wow, I completely agree with you. People are sorta weird, sometimes. They really are. I hope I am never that insensitive.

conley730 said...

Thanks everyone! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought the decision as a parent was a no brainer.

Alyse said...

I completely agree with you and you are such a sweetheart to be there for him even with how much the 2 of you have been through together. Your such a sweet woman.
I hope all of you have a merry christmas regardless, and I am sure he will be ok knowing that he has people around him that care.
Those boys are so sweet to be worried to, I am sure they will extra soft with their daddy. :D