Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Physical Thera...Wii?

My ex made it through surgery well and is now in rehab. One of the things they're using for therapy is the Wii Fit! I wonder if he'll be able to talk someone into getting him a Wii now...for therapy purpose only LOL. I guess it makes sense to use something more interactive than to just tell someone to lift their arm or leg or whatever or using machines that are just boring and don't motivate the patients at all.

I've got our 2 dogs living with me now. The boys are so excited that they're with us. I love these dogs to death, but it is so not fun walking them when the temperature is in the teens!

I want to wish everyone very Happy Holidays! I hope you and your families have a great time.


Kelley said...

Glad his surgery went well. I bet the boys would love that Wii!!

Merry Christmas! See you in January, I hope!

Alyse said...

I am so glad that it went well. And hey the wii is so much fun!!! I am severely addicted to ours. LOL. Although I know I need to be better with this whole wii fit thing. LOL.
Honestly that is a very clever way to do physical therapy! Video games that help you heal... whoed-a-thunk-it! LOL

Desiree said...

I told you about that diggity dang old wii. They use it for everything!!!!!

Robin said...

Happy New Year!!! I'm glad ex's hip is OK. Did they make him a Mii in the hospital? My son loves making everyone Mii's for the Wii Fit. I complained that mine is sort of chubby. What's with all this stupid honesty, anyway?

conley730 said...

I must be totally unhip (no pun intended), because I have no idea what a Mii is LOL!

Robin said...

You have to follow your Mii on the Wii, Silly! It's a character you create by clicking on the face shape, hair color, height, nose shape, etc. Alex takes his Mii's very seriously.