Monday, March 31, 2008

Super Heroes

This weekend I bought the boys some pajamas. One of the sets is Batman pjs, and it has a CAPE!!! Oh my goodness, you would have thought those boys had just won a million dollars. They kept asking me if it was for them and thanking me for getting them a Batman costume. Now that it's been washed, I'm sure they'll be wearing these pjs from now until they fall apart or grow out of them! I'll have to get a pic to post of my little super heroes.


spyscribbler said...

Ohmigosh! I had a pair of Superwoman and Spidergirl?? PJs, or maybe it was undershirt and underwear, but I loved them. I can still remember them to this day!

conley730 said...

Remember underoos (sp?)? I loved those too!