Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This post got me to thinking about willpower. I've never been good at dieting by myself. I'll eat lean cuisines for a while then give up completely. I have never found a form of exercise that I HATE little enough to continue. I joined Weight Watchers years ago and lost enough weight and kept it off long enough to become a lifetime member. I don't know whether to be proud of that or not LOL! I do much better with a structure program like Weight Watchers though because I have to be accountable to someone. You have to weigh in once a week. It's also easier for me if I diet (or exercise) with someone else. Again, you have to be accountable to someone else besides yourself.

How's your willpower? What do you do to keep yourself in line?


spyscribbler said...

Lordy, I don't! Gosh, it's so tough! So tough! The only reason I lose weight is because (like today) if I eat dairy, I get an asthma attack. LOL! Talk about enforcement!

When I joined Taekwondo, it was easy. I LOVED Taekwondo, like I've never loved doing anything in my life. It was pure fun. Working out and eating right were means to being better at TKD, and it made doing those things easier.

Now that my foot is hurt and I can't do TKD? Well... I'm not working out right. I've barely worked out for two years.

Kelley said...

I feel like I will succeed this time. The friend I am working out with has better willpower than I do, and I think we will hold each other accountable. She and I actually did a sort of partner workout once before, but I watched her kids while she worked out at a gym, and then I did my workout. So we were working out alone, which does not work for me at all! I intend to do it this time.

Robin said...

I definitely think dieting with a friend helps. One of my friends is a nutritionist, and it's pretty damn handy to diet with her. I can almost hear her voice in my head at a restaurant saying, "Tell them not to put bread on the table. Make sure you have at least some protein." Unfortunately, my inner voice then tells her to shut up and mind her own damn business.