Thursday, July 10, 2008

CrockPotting Again!

I found another great recipe here. It's for Crockpot Bacon & Cheese chicken. I'm so confident my family will love it that I'm posting about it before we eat it! How can you go wrong with cheese, bacon & ranch dressing? Check out the recipe at the Year of CrockPotting website. This is a great site with many great sounding recipes!

What are you cooking?


spyscribbler said...

Hi Erin! The cheese gets me every time. Crockpotting ROCKS though. I love it. SO easy. My kind of cooking.

She has several dairy free recipes that look good. The Coconut Curry looks yummy! I need to get out my crockpot.

conley730 said...

My kind of cooking too. I tossed the ingredients in there last night and put it in the fridge. I took it out and turned it on low when I left the house this morning.

I think all of her recipes are gluten free as well because she or one of her children has celiac. Bummer you had to quit the dairy!

Robin said...

Great website, Erin! Thanks!

conley730 said...

Just a follow up...DON'T cook that recipe all day while you're at work. It burned in my crockpot :(
I will fix it again either in the crockpot one day while I'm home, or I'll bake it in the oven.