Friday, July 25, 2008


This has been a really long week for me. I'm so glad it's Friday. The boys are going to a classmate's birthday party tomorrow at one of the inflatable jump places. They'll have lots of fun and hopefully take a really good nap when we get home! I'm busy getting ready for their birthday party on the 2nd. It's going to be at the Museum of Discovery and it has a pirate theme. The kids will be given a treasure map and will get to look for the hidden treasure in the museum. They'll also get to make some pirate crafts (eye patches, hats, swords, etc.) and they'll get a visit from a live animal. It sounds really fun. The best part is that I don't have to clean up when it's over!!!

I'm also trying to get ready for school. They start Pre-K on August 18th. So far, I have bought back packs and a few uniform items. They don't have a really strict uniform, but they have to wear khaki or navy shorts or pants, and polo-type shirts in red, yellow or light blue. Of course, there are also a butt load of supplies to buy. I'm actually excited about the uniforms since that will make dressing so much easier in the mornings.

What's keeping you guys busy this summer and what big plans do you have for the weekend?


spyscribbler said...

Pre-K? Already? Sheesh! How exciting though, the cuties! In Pre-K!

I'm writing and re-doing websites. And de-cluttering. Busy, busy. :-)

conley730 said...

Pre-K already, I know! Where did my babies go? I'm most excited about NO MORE DAYCARE TUITON!!!

I need to de-clutter myself. The twins club I'm in is having a consignment sale in September, so hopefully I can sell lots of stuff there!

Robin said...

Wow! That sounds like the best birthday party ever! Can I come?

I'm hanging out with my "big galoots" (as my parents call my boys), working, and trying to get my book up past #782,000 on Amazon. (So sad.)

conley730 said...

Sure you can come...if you want to travel to Arkansas for it! I hope it is the best birthday party ever (at least so far). I'll be sure to post pics!

Danielle said...

The birthday party sounds like a total blast....My Mollie would love to have a party like that, will have to remember!!!

Bring yo stuff to the "consignment sale" just make sure you sign up to help me work!! HA HA I need my naughty partner in crime!! Why did I take this position!!!!

The weekend for us has been spent in Shreveport!!! Clint is on business so me and the kiddies tagged along!! Works out good since they were cutting the trees up and putting the tarp on the roof!