Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bad Weather

Last week we had some really bad weather across the state. Here in Little Rock I think there were at least 6 tornadoes that touched down. Between flooding and tornado damage, about half of the 75 counties in Arkansas have been declared disaster areas.

Yesterday when I picked up the boys it was raining and it started to thunder. Twin A wanted to know if the volcanoes were coming! I told him we didn't have volcanoes here. Twin B quickly corrected him and asked if the tornadoes were coming. I told him I thought they left last week. They were still a little apprehensive about the thunder. When I was a little girl when it thundered people used to say it was God bowling, so I told the boys maybe God was bowling and that's what they were hearing. Twin B mulled this over for a minute and then he said "No, I don't think God's a bowling guy"!

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