Tuesday, April 29, 2008

BIG Deal

I made a really big deal with Twin A the other day. We didn't spit and shake or anything, but it's binding nonetheless. He has had issues with constipation since he was an infant, so potty training has been harder for him. I think the issue now isn't so much constipation as it is "stool refusal". I've been sitting him down every day and just having him sit there until he goes. That went really well for a while and then he fell back into wetting and pooping in his underwear. Nothing I did seemed to work to get him to stop. Well, the other day while getting the mail I was distributing the mail (i.e. junk mail and catalogs) to the boys. One of the catalogs Twin A got has this huge go-kart that's about $350.00. He REALLY liked it and went on and on about it most of the night. A light bulb suddenly went off in my head...instead of punishing and begging him to sit on the potty, why don't I try offering him a potential reward? I've done the reward thing before, just never on such a grand scale! I told him if he could keep from peeing or pooping in his underwear between now and his birthday (end of July), I'd buy him that go-kart. So far, so good! I almost wish I hadn't made the deal now. If I get that for Twin A, I might just have to tell Twin B that we've instituted a new policy regarding birthday presents. We'll celebrate a birthday for each boy every other year, and yours is next year LOL!

Any great advice out there for potty training and/or gift-giving for 2?

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spyscribbler said...

Lucky for you, they don't really have a conception of price yet. So if you could #2 a, say, huge oversized teddy bear for $30, he won't really know it was less expensive than a $350 toy. :-)

Just get something large-sized, LOL.