Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Book Roast

I just found out about a blog called Book Roast. Being an avid reader, this sounds great to me. Check it out...

(From Book Roast) We slice and serve one author a day for fun and prizes and a good, old fashioned roasting. First, we whet your appetite with a short excerpt from the author's book, followed by three questions loosely related to the passage. Some questions are silly, others are straightforward and the rest are plain crunchy. For dessert, the author picks the winner who answers the most questions correctly – or the most creatively. We like spice, but some authors prefer things sweet, which makes Book Roast deliciously unpredictable.The prize: a free copy of the author's book (and an occasional surprise!) Each contest runs 9am - 9pm Eastern Time (U.S.) Best of all, authors will pop into the blog throughout the day to answer questions, share a laugh and toss out some insider tidbits.

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