Monday, June 9, 2008


Sophie is the newest addition to our family. The ex-husband finally came and picked up his dogs and I thought I was free! Well, Twin B had other things in mind. He cried and cried and kept calling Trixie's name. So we all load up in the car and go to the Humane Society which is conveniently open until 8:00 p.m. on Friday nights. Twin B picked this dog and Twin A picked the name Sophie. I'm not sure Zippy (the cat) is too thrilled with the decision, but the boys sure are! Sophie just wants to play with Zippy so badly and Zippy just wants to be left alone. I figure it will work itself out in a couple of weeks. I really love dogs. I would have a zillion of them if I could. Now I'm ready to move into a house with a fenced in yard. Then maybe we could get Sophie a companion doggie so she'd leave poor Zippy alone.


spyscribbler said...

Oh, the cutie!!!

Alyse said...

Oh she is adorable. I agree... I would have a zillion dogs too if I could! Glad to hear that the boys have someone they can play with all the time! When we fence in our yard I hope to get a bigger dog companion for Niko to. I love the name Sophie btw. Congrats on your new addition!