Monday, June 23, 2008

There's poop on the floor!

That's what one of the boys said to my mom yesterday while we were at my mom and dad's house. Why don't we listen to our kids? They're closer to the floor and probably have better eyesight than we do! My mom said "It's not poop. See, it's a rai...OH, IT IS POOP"! Twin B goes running from the room shouting "G-Dad, Gigi just put her finger in poop"! My kids have gotten really good at spotting poop on the floor anyway since we have a new dog. She's not quite housetrained yet.

We had a great weekend. The kids went swimming and we had a "picnic" on my mom and dad's back patio. Twin A was overheard several times telling Twin B that it was a wonderful day at the beach. I just love this age - they're so imaginative.

So, how was your weekend? Anyone stick their finger in poop?!? Have a great week.


Robin said...

Strangely enough, I have stuck my finger in poop! I even belong to the "I stuck my finger in poop" club. Gigi is invited to join. Erin, you must wait. Only accidental poop touching counts, so don't go trying to sneak one.

conley730 said...

I didn't know there was a club, but I think I'm eligible for membership too! Who knew there were so many of us??? When the boys were younger I accidentally touched it many, many times during particularly nasty diaper changes. One time, Twin B managed to undo the snaps on his pajamas and stuck his hand in his diaper and smeared poop all over his crib and the wall. Cleaning that up was oh so much fun!

spyscribbler said...

LOL, I was just going to send you to Robin's blog for her poop story! :-)

Ohmigosh! The smearing, the smearing.

What's that movie preview I keep seeing? "Is that poop or chocolate? Poop or chocolate?" And then she licks it?

Mandelina said...

Well said.